Saturday, August 16, 2008

Campaign to Put an End to the Blogging Dearth

Well, what would YOU do if you had a caramel apple the size of your head?

Anyway, I thought I would post here to kick-start this blog. And after reading this, you should all be inspired to make posts of your own! Or, you could just leave comments. That would work, too.
So, the biggest news on the Watson front is that the kiddos are starting school Monday morning. It will be so strange- both of them gone all day. However, I will only be lost in quiet solitude for a week and a half, because school begins for me on the 27th. And, following last year's precedent, this semester will be a doozy.

This past summer has been busy with Elaina's baptism, Carter losing his first tooth, a trip to the North Carolina coast a few weeks ago for a Watson reunion, and many fun family trips and outings. I feel like the summer just flew by.

How is everyone else doing? How have your summers been? Write about it and let us know!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

woah-dee doh-dee

Hello, first entry...
i went to singles ward today. i managed to obtain a womans number.. cha-chingg!!!

but church was good otherwise cuz it was fast and testimony meeting. an ex-atheist stood up to bare his feelings.. and i say bare his feelings because he doesn't truly have a testimony of the gospel yet.. i appreciated his honesty. Said he, "i don't have a testimony of this church but I'm searching hard for one.." or something to that effect.
anyhoozer, its late and i have work at Lowes tomorrow..