Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Bravo to Amber and her efforts with the family blog. September zipped by and now October is upon us. NEWS: yesterday Austin submitted his mission papers! Look out, world! Mack, who just got back from his mission is engagged to be marred in December! Sarah Smith will wed in November as well.

Elise, Brian, Geoff, Earl and Tim were here in our Ohio home from Sept 14-24th. Now that the dust has settled, you should see the results: a new lovely studio stands where once there was a dark and dismal attic. I can't believe how much they accomplished in just a week (taking time off for Cedar Point, Chipotle runs, the twins' birthday and Sunday). Thank goodness our house was spared the power outages all around us! Briana was without electricity, used our generator, and Kimmy was powerless for 4 days. The boys are certainly skilled, doing a fabulous job. We appreciated the use of Clay's pick-up.

While they were here, Elise made her "in a motherly way" announcement, thrilling us all. Immediately, Kimmy wanted to throw her a baby shower, so we did that on a Tuesday night. All of Elise's guest list friends came and we had a great time. It was a delight to have them here, but too soon they were gone and all is quiet again. Except when Austin plugs in his new electric guitar.

We have a new kitten. She is an adolescent gray and white tiger, AJ calls Callie. Now go get that chipmunk!

Happy Rosh Hashana to you all and remember to keep your promises of being good until Yom Kippur and beyond. That means you, Amber, don't eat all the Cheetos at one sitting. Aubrie said,"I love Cheetos!"

BTW, Dad's in Kansas City, Gina moves from Hawaii in one week and Keith and Keri have a new room in the basement too, thanks to Peons At Work.

I love you, all my favorite people!


Friday, September 26, 2008

"Come on, slow and easy-like. Write a post. That's a way. Do it and nobody gets hurt."

For a good time, click on the link to my blog in the upper right-hand corner of this page. It has my name underneath the header, "In the blog house". On my blog, I've posted my latest adventures presenting at UVU's Ethics Conference as well as my obsession with Cheetos. And then, once you've seen how it works (and that you can pretty much write about ANYTHING) you can write something here for us to share.

Come on, it'll make you feel good...