Friday, April 23, 2010


A very sad night for dad, Aubrie and I.

Our little furry friend, Kali, has passed away.

She lived a happy life with an owner, Aubrie that loved her more than she could express, and to mom, dad and myself, she was appreciated and loved as well. I'm sure to those others in the family she was well-liked and created happiness with her carefree and silly ways... As Austin would say, "Oh- KAli."

She will remain a happy memory, and we anticipate the time when we can see her again.


AmShaZam said...

What?? But she was so young, so full of life! How did she die?

Anonymous said...

awww poor Kali... she was a very pretty and adorable kitty. Thats saying a lot coming from me!

Erika's Site said...

FYI: all cats go to heaven. I know... I have two.