Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 7 Gina's Birthday

We talked to the birthday girl today. She was overcome with emotion when she got her long-awaited gift. I was glad she was happy, even though she was missing out on the Idaho festivities, about which I will continue to report.

It is hot here still, but we enjoyed getting caught up with Grandma and Grandpa Smith, their home and health, etc. Also I spent time with Elise and visited her apartment. She is managing the paperwork of Brian's business and finishing up this semester of school at BYU-Idaho. My little Lisey; how I wish I could take her home with me!

At 6:00pm the over-forty Smiths met at O'Callahan's restaurant for a lovely steak dinner. Marvin and Janet had just returned from Oregon, Mack and Teri came, Dad and I and his folks. I enjoyed the view of the geese out on the river and the conversation. We ended up at Marv's for Janet's most wonderful gooey brownies and ice cream. The conversation was educational, stimulating and sometimes unbelievable, knowing the 3 brothers together! I laugh just thinking about it. I even got to see Sarah and Marion before they head off to job and school. Cute girls.
Will and Hilary stopped in to show off that sweet baby.


Teri was good enough to feed us dinner again today. It was nice to see Rachel, Walt and their 2 girls and thier apartment that Brian finished in Mack's basement. The fun news of the week: Robert got his mission call to Cleveland. Yey, he'll be close to home. His brother, Mack comes home in August. We got to see Miranda and her little Gavin on the 6th, so we saw all of Mack's kids. Marv's son, Suzy and thier 2 kids were at Grandma's b-day party too, along with Jeanette, so we saw all that family but Megan and her crew in Nebraska. The down side to all of this was that we had to say good-bye.

Elise came over to Grandma's and we had a rousing game of Chinese Checkers, that included Grandpa, Jeni and Aubrie too. It was too fun and we stayed up too late. Aubrie has been staying at Elise's and she even went to class with her today. College visit!


Elise had Aubrie back at the house, where we'd been staying, at 8:30am, for breakfast and departure. It's hard to say good-bye to my husband's mom and dad, because I love them so! I hugged them both, much to the smiles at Grandpa. I know he loves me too, since I was the only other woman in his life that hugged him since he was married. Too bad we live so far away, I'd check up on Mom like Elise does, bless her heart. It was harder to leave Elise. Boo hoo!

We drove to Tremonton and found Janet's new house. It's a gray stone house with two large garages, an open great room and kitchen. She was good enough to give us lunch, along with Greg and David. It's good to be able to put the Barton family in a new setting in our minds now.

Not far down the road, close to the freeway was another stop. Emma Lou's daughter, Dana Ashby happened to be visiting her in-laws. The dad, brother Ashby, as it turned out, was my dad's mission companion in Hawaii back in the 40's. Small world; we shared pictures. Dana was very kind and just as sweet as her mom, and lives in Michigan. We'll have to visit there.

Our journey south in the Elscalade finally got us back to Amber's. I couldn't wait to wrap my arms around Elaina and Carter again. But after collecting our things and packing some boxes, it was time to leave another special daughter. Amber has been so good to us, she's such a great cook and willing to give us every convenience. But hugs and tears later, we were on the road back to Fruit Heights, where Emma Lou was planning dinner for us.

I called Keith, hoping that by some outside chance, he had time to see us again before we left town. He was working late, they were preparing to leave for Texas the next day. Who knew they would get to be NASCAR drivers there after Keri's PA Assoc. meetings?? We should have gone with them! With our short and busy trip and their busy lives, we only got to see them at the Open House and the baptism. I hold those moments dear that I can hold them close to me also. So tears follow me again to my mountain home.

Emma Lou's dinner was great, it was a pleasure to be with her and my dad. I think I would have stayed up all night talking to him, and still not had enough.

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