Wednesday, July 16, 2008

vacation, continued

Elise and Brian arrived at Grandpa's from Idaho! So glad they were able to come for the week-end! My siblings and I practiced "Kokomo" for our talent for the Child family reunion on Saturday. Next, we approached our challenge of going through mother's things she had left in the china cabinet. We 5 are as close as any 5 people I know; as are Dad's 5 Smith siblings; what a blessing. Mutual love and respect abounds and that was evident as we took turns expressing our memories and wishes in reguard to Mom's "treasures".

When we got back to Amber's at night, Aubrie, Elise, Amber and I made an assembly line for the many breakfast sausage casseroles Amber had planned for the brunch after the baptism.

Saturday, July 5th

We all had to get going early to be ready for ELAINA's Baptism at 9:00am. Ramona and John Watson arrived with a special gift: Ramona had made a beautiful white dress for Elaina to wear on her important day. I fixed her hair and away we all went to the stake center in Pleasant Grove. We met in the Relief Society room and I was glad to see Keith & Keri walk in, along with Elise and Brian, Danny and Des. I played the piano, Keith said a prayer, Dad gave a talk on Baptism, quoting Keri, "Charity never faileth", and then Jeff performed the ordinance. John Watson gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, siting varied experiences when the Spirit has prompted him in his life. The bishopric member welcomed Elaina to the fold and Elise gave the closing prayer. I was overcome with a feeling of the Holy Ghost in the room, so thankful I could be there.

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AmShaZam said...

So fun to have a play-by-play! I'm sorry we missed the Child family reunion, but you know- we had fifty million Watsons to entertain!