Friday, July 18, 2008

more vacation July 08


Sorry my entries are backwards, but that is the way I'm entering them, one at a time.
It was a fast Sunday, but I had to make sure Dad had some of that great breakfast casserole to keep his strength up for a big day. There will come a day when he can fast again! We left early, so we could arrive in Logan by 11 am to see Will and Hilary's baby Claire blessed. Elise had taken Aubrie back up to Idaho yesterday, so she could teach her Sunday School class this morning.

The drive was beautiful, as we headed north: there were the North Ogden Mtns. which I love; they're so jagged and tall. Then we made our way through Sardine Canyon, which I haven't seen for many years. I have missed the area and my heart smiled when we entered Cache Valley. Nibley was on our way, so we turned off the main highway, found our old Nibley Ward building where Keith G. was blessed as a baby(it is now a day care). Then by chance, we drove right past our white house! The whole place was so different, I know I never would have found it on purpose.

We found Will's ward and then came Janet, Kevin, David, Greg, Jeni, Danny and Des. Then, much to my surprise, arrived Amber, Jeff and the kids! Jeff had got up and said,"Let's go to Logan!" Yey, good idea. Will gave little Claire a beautiful blessing and it was quite a sight as those 14 elders stood in a circle.

The new father blessed Claire Marie that she would be full of the Spirit; to be sensitive to its whisperings. He prayed that she would discern between right and wrong and have the strength, the courage, and the valor to follow the promptings to stand for the right. She was blessed that she would find a special son of God that would take her to be sealed in the temple for eternity. Health and strength was prayed for as well as a big heart with a large capacity to love others. Finally she was admonished to "always have charity".

Hilary's father bore his testimony in the meeting as well, hoping that Claire would hear it. It was a powerful statement of truths. I was just glad I could sit by Elaina, the most perfect member of the whole church!

After the meeting, all the family and friends of Will and Hilary met in a park and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch. What could have been more welcome on this sunny Sabbath than a loaded baked potatoes and all the watermelon you could desire. I felt that Hilary's mother looked familiar, and then I found out she was formerly Billie Bybee and her mom and my mom were best friends in the Val Verda Ward in Bountiful back in 1957.

We picked up some extra travelers, Jeni and David Barton to go with us to Idaho Falls. Their long legs were getting cramped in a car full of family. By the time we got there it was around 5:00 and Teri had a wonderful supper awaiting a lot of people for Grandma Smith's 80th Birthday Party. It was so good to hug Mom and Dad Smith again. Connie and Brent Chettle and their daughter, Chris were there, along with all the Smith kids and grandkids that could make it. Of my children, there was Aubrie, Elise and Brian. We were all then surprised when couisin Elaine, her husband Marty Crapo and their girls Emily and Rebecca and even Aunt Winifred arrived. Elaine was overcome when she saw her cousin Keith bald, threw her arms around his neck and cried.

After singing the birthday song and blowing out the candles, she started opening her gifts. Dad and I gave her a figure of Mary, Joseph and little Jesus "Flight into Egypt" carved out of olive wood that we'd got for her in Israel. I think she really liked it. Just then a sound came floating on the evening breeze. Grandma remarked that someone must have their radio turned up. Then the sound came closer, the sound of a lone bagpiper. She marveled at that and then we opened the gate and in marched a piper in full kilt uniform, playing "Scotland the Brave". Grandma remarked, "I think I've died and gone to heaven" and then he played on. He played "Flower of Scotland" and she wept, explaining that it was her father's favorite song. Grandpa was moved as well and everyone enjoyed the private concert by a very accomplished musician.
The final song was "Amazing Grace", he went out the gate and was gone. I had enlisted Corrie Nickle a month ago and boy did he come through! It was quite the party.

Robert and Shelly were preparing, with their boys, to go back to Washington. It was nice to spend at least a little bit of time with them. Janet and Kevin headed back to their new house in Tremonton, and we drove Mom and Dad home. Your dad and I headed to town, where we spent the night at the new Hilton Garden Inn on the river, across from the temple. What a splendid view!

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